Planning Ti

Create The Perfect Invitation

It is my firm belief that the invitation sets the tone for your event. A custom invitation would make guest say "I have to attend this event.

Conceptualize A Theme

Create a theme that would have guest "gag" when they first walk into your event. If you are doing a great Gatsby-themed event, ensure that your invitation matches the theme of the event.


No party is complete without the right entertainment. Remember you want to keep your guests entertained at all times and bringing that "wow" factor would certainly keep them there. Your guests should never be bored.


Guests always remember the bad part of an event. If the food is horrible, they will remember that. Remember, catering and venue are most expensive. Nobody should pay for crappy food in 2017 and beyond.

Thank You's

Always end the night off with a Thank You to all your guests. Acknowledging their presence makes a huge difference.