5 Helpful Tips To Help You Start Planning Your Wedding.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! He popped the question over the holidays and you said yes!! I could not be more happier for you two. Take it all in for a minute, you are allowed to. But let's get serious for a minute. This is going to be the happiest day of your lives. In order to execute a successful wedding, you have to start with these 5 Helpful Tips that's going to save you your sanity. 


Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter couple? Picking the perfect date could get tricky, because you both might have different ideas on when to get married. Whatever you choose, make sure the date is meaningful to the both of you.


This is often a tough subject to tackle. I GET IT!  Sometimes the parents want to pay, sometimes the groom wants to pay, but he is not sure if he will be able to afford it. This can sometimes lead to many arguments and the planning no longer becomes fun, and this is just the start! This is  good time to come together and be realistic about money. Start planning out your guest list and put those numbers down on paper, so you don't overspend. One thing I've learned, allocate your budget to all vendors and know how much you want to spend on each, so you know which vendors are in your price point!


This is so important. A timeline is going to help you stay organized. You can google a detailed wedding timeline that's going to help you plan your wedding and keep you on top your game. Just a quick tip, use Google Drive, you'll never loose any info that way and you can access it from anywhere.


Get your best girls together. This is such an awesome time for them as well. Best way to do this is throw a little dinner party for them. Some brides often have little gifts like a bottle of champagne with a personalized label to celebrate this big moment.


Here's where the fun starts. I love this part. Start gathering wedding magazines, bridal magazines etc, for inspiration. Get your mood board together on Pinterest if you haven't already done so. One more thing. Don't forget to research your vendors thoroughly. Ask as many questions as you want. Don't be afraid to ask for references you can call or email, they will give it to you!

If you are already freaking out and don't think you can do this all by yourself, hire a Wedding Planner, Check out our wedding planning services right here!

Happy Planning & Enjoy The Rest Of Your Holidays!


Björn VW