Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you apart from other wedding planners? 

From the moment you become our client, the FUN begins. I take events extremely seriously, however, never forgetting that I'm planning a celebration. With my proven track record within the hospitality industry, we care deeply about our clients. With you as the client, you'll always be our number one focus. My company was built on the core values that every client is not a means to an end or a bill that has to get paid, but a planning experience that you'll treasure forever. 

What is wedding management?

This service or as many brides know it to be is "day of coordination". While this is a common term to use, we want our brides to understand that as a wedding professional, we cannot come in on the day of your wedding to save the day. To execute your wedding flawlessly, there is still a lot of planning & details that need to be taken care of, a month before your wedding eg. floor plan assistance, last-minute vendor bookings, contingency plans, vendor introductions, etc. We take care of the "what ifs" before it happens. Day of coordination is included in our month of wedding management service.

Our venue comes with venue coordinator, how would this work?

That's totally fine, we work with tons of venue coordinators. The key is to work together, which we do extremely well. There are certain responsibilities a venue coordinator has, but we ensure that you have peace of mind and that your needs are met on the day of the wedding, we ensure all those little details are taken care of the way the way you envisioned it. Working with us, you'll see our job is to ensure your wedding goes as planned, if a vendor cancels, we don't think, we fix it. 

How many assistant would you have on the day of my wedding?

For events 150 or less, our team consists of 1 lead planner & 1 assistant. Depending on the scope of the wedding eg. If a wedding is taking place in 2 separate locations, ceremony in one location and the reception in another or weddings 150 and more, I bring 2 assistants. It is important to us that your wedding has eyes and ears all over, we never take chances with weddings or any event for that matter.

During the wedding, what exactly do you do?

We oversee the entire operation. We work with the venue coordinators and staff or caterer to ensure the first course is down at the right time, the candles are lit etc, to ensure wedding program flows correctly. We are also heavily involved in the ceremony, eg, cueing the music, line up the bridal party for the processional, ensuring they are picture perfect. During the reception, we line up the bridal party for the big entrance, ensure the DJ cue the right music for the first dance, the cake cutting runs smoothly and all those major announcements happen at the right time. We create a custom wedding program which we review with our couples at least 2 weeks prior the big day, to ensure all vendors and parties involved are on the same page regarding the overall production and installation of the day.

Do you work with our vendors?

Of course. No wedding is ever the same, we work with different vendors all the time. The key for us is to work as a team, as you are not my client or their client, you are our client and we can only achieve greatness if we work as a unit. From the moment you become our client, we'll do a formal introduction to all the vendors, so they are aware that there will be a point person to contact on the day, so you can get ready in peace for the big day.

Are there any hidden fees in your service we should know about?

No. Once you receive our proposal, that is the price you pay. In the event that you decide to add a service or we purchase goods on your behalf for the wedding, we will send you an itemized receipt for reimbursement and we do not purchase any goods without your permission. 

Can you send us a quote via phone or email?

Björn loves to get to know his clients whether it's via phone or in person. It's important for us to know all the particulars about the wedding before we can send you quote. We like to talk to our clients first, not to oversell you on our services, but more to get to more about the both of you and really see which services would benefit you most. Don't be afraid to talk to us, we're a pretty friendly bunch!