Every Bride & Groom Is Different..Their Wedding Needs Are Too!

Uniquely You: Different Kinds of Wedding Planning Services

The beauty of weddings is that they come in all styles and sizes. It’s ultimately up to the happy couple to decide the best way to celebrate with their loved ones, and that’s why there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach to the big day. Some couples prefer a more intimate affair, while others opt for the wow-factor. No matter what kind of wedding, it’s always essential to have a wedding planner to handle logistics—but there’s a wide range of ways in which a wedding planner’s services may be needed. Wedding planning services generally fall into three categories:

1. Full Service Wedding Planning

This is when you leave the bulk of the work to your planner (and we really recommend that you do; every moment leading up to the big day counts, and you don’t want to waste any time stressing out). We refer to this service as the “Everything Björn” option. It also isn’t necessarily just for the couple who aren’t really sure what they want; in fact, this is the perfect choice for the couple that has a very clear vision and want to see it realized to perfection. From helping to hone in on a style, to picking a venue, to providing the best options for florals, cakes, and stationery—the full service option is for couples who are ready to entrust their entire wedding to the expert. This doesn’t mean that the couple has no voice in what happens; it just means that there’s a lot less guessing and lot more selecting. The planner walks with the couple through every step of the process, introducing them to a wide array of ideas and professionals that will bring their vision to life. The wedding planner also oversees day-of festivities, ensuring every detail decided on is executed impeccably…and in the event of any snafu, they know exactly what to do to smooth things over and keep the wedding running without a hitch.

2. Wedding Management (formally known as "day of coordination)

If the couple has already started planning the basics of the wedding (location! stationer! caterer! photographer!) but is starting to feel the strain, there is no need to sweat: wedding management, affectionately called "Björn Coordinates" here at Björn & Company, is here to save the day. Having someone gently take the reins and see everything through during the last month or so of planning—or even just for the big day—is also a fantastic option. It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks in the frenzy of planning a wedding of any size, so having someone to tie up any loose ends and catch any missing details can be a lifesaver. It’s never too late to call in reinforcements! 

3. A La Carte Wedding Services.

For the couple that has already planned the majority of their wedding, or only needs assistance in key areas (like finding the right florist, coordinating the reception, or even managing the budget), wedding planning services are also possible a la carte. (We like to call it our Björn Bits service.) We can’t emphasize it enough: any amount of wedding planning is better than none! While planning a wedding can seem really exciting and fun, it’s a huge undertaking and it’s always a good idea to have professional input along the way. Instead of “winging it” through uncertain spots, hiring a wedding planner means that those worrisome areas are now under control and one more thing to confidently check off the To Do list.

Here at Björn & Company, we’re proud to offer these three options to our clients. No two weddings, and no two couples, are ever the same—and we’re happy to cater to each one’s needs. From lighting to napkin ties to speeches, we know weddings. Most importantly, we know how to keep the magic and joy of the celebration alive in every moment. Let us help you celebrate you!

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