The True Value of a Wedding Coordinator.

The True Value of a Wedding Coordinator.

Over the last 3 years, whenever I speak to a bride who's wedding I haven't done, they always say, "I really wish I had a day of coordinator to take care of all the certain details I didn't think of"

Now, I know how parents are when it comes to their daughters weddings, especially the moms and I know mothers only have good intentions and the daughter's best interest at heart, but when it comes to your wedding,  the last thing you want to do is have a family member run the most important day of your life. You've invested so much time and money into your wedding, and you want your guest to enjoy it, right?

I know most venues these days come with a venue coordinator [note, I'm using the term "venue coordinator"] To any bride reading this, venue coordinators and wedding managers are two very different jobs!

Venue Coordinators work for the venue. Their responsibility is to the venue first. As a wedding manager [or wedding coordinator as most brides are familiar with] we work side by side with you, weeks before the actual day, knowing your exact needs, vision and expectations. Our job as a planner/manager is to ensure the details are executed the way you envisioned it, that the cake arrives on time, be the main point of contact for all your vendors, ensure the vendors arrive on time, take care of all the last minute details, which a venue coordinator does not do! Now I completely understand if a full service wedding planner is not in your budget, however if you budget correctly, save money aside to hire a Wedding Manager to help reduce your stress levels. You'll be pleasantly surprised the peace of mind you'll have on your wedding day knowing that there is someone in charge and working for you so that the only thing you have to think about.. is getting married.

Here are a few examples of duties that were not part of my contract, but because I am a professional and queen of perfection, I made it work, because I believe in going above and beyond for my clients and it's in my DNA:

1. I had a bride who's bridesmaid lost her garter. She cancelled the garter removal due to reasons I can't speak of, but then decided she wants to do it 2 minutes to the garter removal. I grabbed a thong [thank god it was clean], I cut out parts of it,  grabbed some tule fabric and tied it around the thong and made that happen for her because I know how important it was to her.

2. Wedding took place in a non traditional wedding space. They hired an outside caterer, cutting the cake was not in their contract. I grabbed my team and we cut the cake and served it to the guest.


3. A wedding took place in a restaurant [the restaurant never hosted a wedding before]. So when desserts came out, there was a dessert missing. I had to remind them what was in the contract. The guy looked at me like I had 4 heads. Needless to say, they didn't have enough of that dessert in house, but they ended up making it happen.

4. A bride's mother called me a week before the wedding needing urgent help. The venue didn't come with a venue coordinator. The ceremony took place at a park in Brooklyn. 5 minutes before the ceremony started, it started pouring outside. The whole venue was all set up for reception.  We had to move the entire room around. I grabbed my team and some catering staff and turned half of the room into a ceremony area in a matter of seconds.

5. Two years ago I did a wedding in New York. The couple hired a club DJ, not a wedding DJ. I had to feed the lines to the DJ in terms of what to say when it came to making announcements.

These are only a few of the examples that I've experienced while doing weddings. All wedding managers pride themselves on attention to detail and going above and beyond for couples. We take care of those little things you don't even think of.

Brides are often unfamiliar on what we do and that's why the first thing they ask you is "I need a day of coordinator and what do you charge?"  Trust me when I say this, a day of coordinator does not exist. A true professional wedding coordinator who cares about you and their business don't simply walk into a wedding on the day and start working. Book us at least a month or two before your wedding if not sooner. Logistics takes time to plan and we genuinely care about your wedding just as much as you do, so the more informed and well prepared we are, the better for you! Think about it that way! 

I hope this article helps you. Happy planning!

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